Neighbourhood Alert

Neighbourhood Alert

Protecting your home and business from crime is as much about being aware of the types of danger that might affect you as the physical devices you employ to protect your premises. In this article written by the team at ACS Alarms, we are going to look at Neighbourhood Alert a free service created by VISAV Limited, which sends registered users alerts by email, text and voice messaging about issues and concerns withing their local region.

Types of Alerts

As a registered user you can choose the types of alerts you want to receive from the list below, you can ammend your choices by logging onto the website at any time if you find you are getting the wrong type of notifications, you can also choose how you want to receive your alerts.

  • Arson Alerts
  • Business: Burglary alert
  • Business: Crime alert
  • Business: Fire safety news
  • Business: Role specific message
  • Business: Scam Alerts
  • Community Safety News
  • Crime Updates
  • Feedback / opinion requests
  • Force Updates
  • Funding opportunities
  • General Angling Info
  • General crime prevention message
  • Good news
  • Health and safety alert
  • Home Fire Safety
  • Illegal Fishing / Poaching
  • Information request
  • Invasive Species
  • Local news
  • Major incidents
  • Marine crime
  • Meeting notice
  • Membership administration information
  • Metal theft related
  • Missing people
  • National news
  • News for the hard of hearing
  • NHWN updates
  • Participation invites (Surveys / Focus grps)
  • Police to NHW message
  • Recruitment message
  • Residential: Anti-social behaviour
  • Residential: Burglary alert
  • Residential: Crime alert
  • Residential: Scam alert
  • Road Safety and Traffic
  • Rural Matters
  • Stolen Equipment
  • Suspicious circumstances
  • System Admin Testing
  • Vehicle crime
  • Wanted people / Suspect
  • Weather related

Alert Providers

Below is a list of the organisations that provide the information for the alerts members receive. You can choose to receive alerts from some or all of the organisations shown when logged into Neighbourhood Alert.

  • Angling Trust
  • British Oil Security Syndicate (BOSS)
  • Crimestoppers
  • Fire & Rescue Service
  • Local Authority
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner
  • SGN (Gas Emergency Service)
  • The Police
  • Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau)

Other Options

Additional options include ‘Priority levels’ and ‘Alerting areas’ which allow you to further fine tune the types of alerts you receive. This is clearly a very well thought out system and having used the service for a number of months now we have managed to adjust the options so that we receive the alerts we want without being bombarded with alerts that aren’t relevant to us.

Partner Portals

There are a number of partner portals including; regional police forces and safety organisations that have built their own self branded version of the Neighbourhood Alert website. The reason for these duplicate sites is to allow organisations to create targeted campaigns such as the Rural Alert site. These partner portals all use the same database and if you have registered with any of them you will not need to register with any of the other sites.

Cleveland Connected

Rural Alert

Neighbourhood Watch

Business Crime Forum

This site was under construction at the time of writing this article

ACS Alarms and the communities of Tees Valley, North Yorkshire and County Durham

At ACS Alarms our aim is to help our customers feel safe and confident in the communities they work and live in. We would encourage anyone to register with one of the community messaging services mentioned in this article, as ‘forewarned is most definitely forearmed’. If you would like to discuss the security of your home or premises ACS Alarms provide a free onsite security survey for homes and businesses within a radius of 50 miles from our base in Teesside. We will provide observations on areas which are at risk from crime and how to reduce your risk either through a change of behaviour or the installation of CCTV or alarm systems.