Power max complete wireless burglar alarm system

Modern burglar alarm systems protect from more than just intruders

Wireless burglar alarm systems offer greater flexibility, allowing us to integrate sensors and alarms which extend the features of your alarm system to include:

Burglar alarm sensors

Using the right type of sensor and installing it correctly is often the difference between a professional alarm installation and a diy set up. A professional installer will recognise factors that may lead to false alarms triggers and position sensors accordingly. All the sensors below are available as wired or wireless alarm sensors.

  • Motion detectors Infra red movement sensors can be located internally and externally. External sensors are both weather and vandal resistant.
  • Carbon monoxide sensors alert you of harmful carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Smoke detectors add peace of mind to alert you to a potential fire.
  • Door and window contacts ensures doors and windows are closed before arming.
  • Pet tolerant Allows your pets to move freely in all areas enabling you to protect rooms that could not be covered by standard sensors.
  • Flood sensors water triggered sensors can be placed around your premises, out buildings and basement to give you an early warning of flooding or leaks.
  • Shock Sensor provide early warning of intruders trying to access external windows and doors, activating alarms before an intruder has even managed to gain access.
  • Beam detectors can span distances of up to 150 meters and are ideal for securing larger domestic, commercial and rural property including farms, storage facilities and car parks.

Alarm notifications

Alarm systems can alert you of a sensor being triggered using audible and non audible alarms. We can also integrate CCTV systems to capture and display a visual feed so whoever receives the notification can make an informed decision on any response required.

  • External Sirens provide a visual and audible deterrent outside your home.
  • Internal Sirens add additional alarms inside your premises, outbuildings garages or garden rooms.
  • Voice call contact you with a voice call in the event of an emergency.
  • Text message An optional GSM module can be installed to send a SMS or voice call if you don’t have a telephone line.

Your burglar alarm system can be linked to an alarm monitoring service, mored details available here.


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Take control of your alarm system wherever you are

  • Monitored alarm systems Our operators provide a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring service for your home or business, should your alarm system be activated. Our operators are able to assess the situation using both audio and visual communications with your property, before responding with the appropriate action.
  • Remote controls & key fobs enables you to easily arm and disarm your system or trigger a panic alert from anywhere on your property.
  • Mobile smart phones offer almost unlimited control over your home protection system with app that will allow you to control your system from virtually anywhere in the UK or abroad as long as you have an internet connection.

Have confidence in your burglar alarm have it installed by a professional

ACS Alarms supply, install and repair wireless alarm systems for both business and domestic customers. Our recommended systems are approved to EN5013-1 Grade 2 which is recognised by the police and insurance companies.

Even if we didn't install your alarm we are happy to maintain, repair or upgrade existing burglar alarm systems.