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Hikvision CCTV cameras and hard disk recorders

At ACS we are big fans of the Hikvision CCTV cameras and HD recorders. Hikvision are one of the largest and most innovative manufacturers of video surveillance products in the world and they are often rebranded and sold as other brands by other suppliers.

The Hikvision product range is extensive and comparing cameras and recorders can be confusing. Then start to compare with what is available from other manufacturers and it's not long before you'll start feeling like you are just going round in circles.

Making the right choice is important, not only to make sure your cameras capture clear images in all lighting conditions, but that the equipment is constructed to a high standard and is easily managed using the device of your choice.

Examples from the Hikvision camera

The images below were taken using my phone camera (pointing at the TV display / monitor). They show a good representation of the quality of the Hikvision cameras, although they look even better in person.

CCTV Cameras

The anti-vandal dome camera and the HiWatch turret camera are two of our most popular cameras.

The cameras can be mounted to a ceiling or a wall, indoors or outdoors, (with or without the wall mounting with pendant bracket), and the turret camera offers directional adjustment after installation to either change or fine tune coverage. (Pan: 0 - 360°, Tilt: 0 - 180°, Rotation: 0 - 360°).

Both perform very well even in low light conditions thanks to the Hikvision’s EXIR infrared array technology, providing vision up to 40 metres.

Ideal for home or small business security, both units have an attractive design, with a tough plastic case surounding a metal chassis.

Unfortunately not all specifications are written equal, trying to choose the best video surveillance equipment for your budget can be difficult.

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Hikvision Anti-Vandal Dome Camera

  • 5 Megapixel high-performance CMOS
  • Analog HD output, up to 5MP resolution
  • Auto Day/Night switch (ICR Auto Switch)
  • OSD menu, DNR, Smart IR
  • EXIR technology, up to 40m IR distance
  • IP67 weatherproof
  • Up the Coax(HIKVISION-C)


HiWatch Dome Turret Camera

  • 2 MP high-performance
  • CMOS1920 × 1080 resolution
  • 2.8 mm, 3.6 mm, 6 mm fixed focal lens
  • Auto Day/Night switch (ICR Auto Switch)
  • EXIR 2.0, smart IR, up to 40 m IR distance
  • Switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS
  • IP66

Guide to CCTV camera features

  • Hikvision’s EXIR infrared array technology provides industry-leading illumination in any low- or zero-light environment. Hikvision’s EXIR cameras deliver the most advanced levels of night-time surveillance available on the market today.
  • Hikvision Smart cameras feature smart detection including intrusion detection, line-crossing detection, audio detection and face detection. Event video streams from these cameras are “Smart tagged” and then transmitted to a Smart NVR. Featuring Smart Search, the Smart NVR allows users to easily locate relevant event footage by searching different detection types.
  • HD TVI stands for High Definition transport video Interface, it is a form of HD Over Coax CCTV technology, which allows high quality footage transmission over traditional (RG59 or UTP CAT5 and CAT6) cabling.
  • A dome turret camera can be re-positioned easily after installation, allowing the camera to be fine tuned to achieve the desired view or change the target view. Range of movement; Pan: 0 - 360°, Tilt: 0 - 180°, Rotation: 0 - 360°.
  • Some cameras use built in flash storage (memory cards) to record footage collected from cameras. The advantages of this is it provides a self contained camera which can be used in isolation to any additional equipment. Disadvantages include; any evidence the camera collects, is contained within the unit and it's capacity to record is limited to the size of the memory card.
  • Wide Dynamic Range WD or WDR is another term used to measure the image quality of a camera, some explanations suggest it is to do with how well a camera works in low light, others claim it's more about producing a quality image with challenging lighting conditions which can either be 'low light' or 'hot spots' (bright areas of light in an image) which can cause darkening in mid range images.
  • Wifi, Network or IP cameras are described as 'wireless cameras', sending footage they capture over a wireless network, the normal range of a wireless camera is about 30m although this can less depending on the layout of the site. Most cameras are not truly wireless as they require a wired power supply, (batteries can be used but they are not a better solution if an available power supply is present). Most network cameras also have the ability to be 'wired' aswell so we can choose the best solution based on the site.
  • Auto Day/Night switch (ICR Auto Switch) Cameras with the ICR (IR Cut filter Removable) function have a mechanical IR filter that filters infrared light during the day to correct color casts caused by infrared light. At night the camera removes the filter automatically to let infrared light pass through, enhancing night visibility.
  • Motorized VF lens. This feature allows the camera to be focused remotely through Hikvision's remote zoom and One-Touch Focus feature. This easy-to-use feature is operated via the camera's user interface.
  • Infrared LED illuminators built into the camera provide true day / night surveillance, even in total darkness.

HD digital video recorders (DVR)

Choosing which digital video recorder to use with your home or business cctv cameras can be tricky with each manufacturer promoting different standards, specifications and codes, comparing like for like can be difficult.

We have had great results using Hikvision recorders, and they provide good value with plenty of choice for both domestic and commercial installations.

When specifiying a hard disk recorder for our clients, we consider the number of cameras the customer requires, whether we need to integrate existing analogue cameras and what capacity is required for storing video footage, the compression technology will also effect this.

How do you want to access your cameras? Most of the Hikvision systems we install come complete with full network functinality and mobile viewing, so you can access your video surveillance system via a computer, laptop, tablet or phone from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Hikvision DVR-204Q-F1

HiWatch 4 Channel DVR

  • Full 1080p 25 frames per second recording on all 4 channels.
  • 3 mega pixel recording on channel 1 at 15 frames per second.
  • HD-TVI.
  • Analogue compatible.
  • Up to 10TB storage capacity.
  • Full network functionality.
  • Mobile viewing.

Hikvision DVR DS-7208HQHI-K1

Hikvision 8 Channel DVR

  • Full 1080p 25 frames per second recording on all 8 channels.
  • 3 mega pixel recording on channels 1 & 2 at 15 frames per second.
  • Supports 2 IP cameras of up to 4MP each.
  • Up to 10TB storage capacity
  • Full network functinality and mobile viewing.

Guide to HD DVR features

  • Frames per second (fps), the greater the number of frames, the smoother the video will playback.
  • Hard drive capacity. Most recorders can be upgraded so you would normally consider the maximum capacity of a recorder.
  • Compression technology, this will increase the capacity of your hard drive allowing you to store more video footage.
  • Network connection. Most modern HDR's can be connected to your LAN (local area network) which allows the connection to IP cameras.
  • Remote viewing capability as long as your recorder is connected to the internet youare able to view the content of your drive either 'live' or recorded via either a laptop or internet device.
  • Motion detection and scheduling. Choose between a scheduled recording period for you cameras or set your equipemt to start recording based on an action such as motion detection and or sensor alarm and manually starting the recording.
  • Mobile notifications allow you to receive notifications to your mobile phone based upon 'Smart Events'.
  • Smart events allow us to set up your surveillance system to perform actions based on events. An example of this would be; a sound or movement detected, the smart event will then start recording footage from the camera which detected the event and send a notification to your mobile with a live feed from the camera.
  • HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface). Often referred to as TVI, it is wired method of networking analogue HD CCTV cameras. Hikvision's Turbo-HD range uses this video format, which has a fantastic picture clarity.
  • HDCVI High Definition Composite. HDCVI cameras are capable of transmitting video up to 1600 feet, which is much greater than traditional formats, whilst maintaining image quality. Ideal for larger properties you will need to use solid copper RG59 Siamese cable and be aware about distances if you are using the same cabling for a power supply.
  • HD-AHD (Analog High Definition) uses coax cable over a distance of up to 500m at 720p up to 60fps, 1080p up to 30fps. PTZ control signals transmitted over coaxial with no transmission delay.
  • CVBS standard (Colour, video, blanking & sync). Better known as composite video, a long established format for both audio and visual, it's value today is to allow backwards compatibility and it is unlikely to be used as part of a new install.
  • Simultaneous 1080p HDMI and VGA show the same output at the same time allowing connection to 2 monitors without a splitter. Slight downside is VGA runs at lower resolution but very minimal difference.
  • 4K resolution is the highest resolution available for recording using IP security cameras. 4K resolution is data intensive, and requires considerable hard drive storage for video retention, but it provides the best clarity possible for a security camera.
  • Turbo 3 is Hikvision’s third-generation Turbo HD brings 4K Video to analog systems higher video performance, increased compression efficiency, longer transmission distances and Power over Coax technology while retaining seamless compatibility with existing analog and network IP cameras.

CCTV Video formats

Maximum resolution 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p
Quality Very good in daylight Good Very good Very good
Maximum transmission distance RG59 500m (720p)
400m (1080p)
500m 150m 500m
Cat 5 200m 150m 100m 210m
IP Camera DVR Compatibility Partial No No Yes

Specifications can be complicated ...Nothing compares to experience!

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Make sure you know what you are buying!

Most of our customers choose ACS because we provide full installation and support service for our CCTV equipment and burglar alarm systems, however if you are thinking of buying CCTV equipment direct from the internet make sure you know what you are buying! Hikvision and other manufacturers make region specific cctv equipment which will not work in the United Kingdom. Even well known websites may advertise equipment designed for other regions, at what may look like a good deal. If in doubt please feel free to give us a call we can provide a quote for the supply and installation of genuine equipment designed for use in the UK market.