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Are you ready for robots in your home?

At ACS Alarms we like our tech and we’ve been looking at some of the options available now and in the near future that will help us protect your home. If you want to know more about installing a hi-tech security system in your home call ACS on 0800 0922061 | 01642 605903 or send us an email to

aire drone home security

Aevena Robotics, Aire Drone

Aire, a drone for your home

Aevena Robotics describe Aire as… “the world’s first intelligent robotic home assistant with autonomous flight, voice-only commands, anomaly detection, security alerts and much more.”

Aevena are currently trying to raise funds through their kickstarter page, with a planned delivery date of December 2018.

Aire can be controlled using your smart phone or by voice control in conjunction with Amazon’s Alexa. Send it in a general direction and Aire uses it’s multiple cameras to navigate through your home avoiding obstacles as it goes. Ask it to ‘record a video’, ‘take a photo’ or ‘turn around’ and you can see everything that’s happening in your home whether you’re sat watching tv or on the otherside of the world.

Aevena have designed a propulsion system enclosed within the body of the unit so that it won’t cause any damage should you manage to bump into it. A noise reduction system takes care of the rotors and a self docking base can recharge the unit in as little as 30 minutes.


It was unclear which features would be available in the launch version of the drone and which features would be released after launch as software upgrades.

  • Remote communication – Speak through the device to people in the same room as the device.
  • Video and pictures – HD photos, 360° Panoramas, 4K videos, or live stream.
  • Virtual home mapping – The ability to learn it’s environment.
  • Autonomous navigation – To plan routes as oposed to avoiding obstacles.
  • Security patrols – Regular or responsive patrols of your home to investigate and report on potential risks.
  • Self charging – To either a single or multiple docking stations.

So would we order an Aire to help with our home security?

Firstly we don’t have to decide immediately, unless of course you are considering investing via their kickstarter page, Aire isn’t likely to be available for atleast another year (at the time of writing this).

The idea behind the Aire is nice, whether you think of it as a personal assistant or as part of your home security system. Unfortunately Aire will probably only be a stepping stone, however crucial, in reaching a truly functional inteligent home system.

Essentially it is a drone with a camera that has the ability to avoid obstacles, this is clever in itself, however the features that would truly make it a valuable addition to your home security, still seem to be a long way away. The ability to map an environment either for navigation or to allow it to be aware of things being moved or removed would be good. Equally the ability to perform patrols of your property and react to noises and investigate would be reason enough to consider purchasing the Aire.

It is a little unfair to judge the Aire without being hands on with it, so our comments should be taken based on the information we have to hand and you can see more about the Aire by visiting their kickstarter page.

To summarise I can imagine parents sending Aire upstairs to check whether the children are doing their homework or children playing virtual hide and seek. As a security device I’m not sure what it offers over existing CCTV equipment which can also be viewed accross the internet, yes it can flown around so it can see areas fixed cameras may not be set up to see, but what happens if someone shuts a door? I think Aire is a very early version of something that could be very useful, so who knows, we might all have an Aire floting around our living room in a few years!

Alternatives to the Aire

Whilst mentioning the Aire it is worth looking at some of the other inteligent home security products avilable.

cardinal drone home security

The Cardinal drone

The Cardinal drone

The Cardinal drone is also only available on pre-order, it resembles a traditional drone with quad blades. The Cardinal is approximately the size of an adults hand, and features:

  • 14. 0 Megapixels
  • Full HD – Video Stabilized on 3-axis
  • FPV Compatibility
  • 20 min flying time
  • take a look around the property with photos/video in less than 2 minutes
  • Near Infrared Camera with IR leds to see in the night

As with the Aire these features are ‘proposed’ so it will be interesting to see how well these features work in reality. Other than the details above the website currently doesn’t have any specific details of how the Cardinal will navigate itself around your home, whether it can provide alerts or how it will be powered.

Ipatrol Riley bot

IPatrol’s ‘Riley’ Bot

The ‘Riley’ Bot

Unlike the ‘Aire’ and the ‘Cardinal’, the ‘Riley Bot’ patrols your home from the ground using it’s twin caterpillar tracks, although it boasts similar features:

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • HD Video & Audio
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Automatic Recharging

Full details are available on their website.

Are robot or drone security products up to the job?

There is no doubt that robot technologies, including A.I. will continue to improve, but I think that there is still a long way to go before the functionality of these types of products will improve upon existing home and business security systems, especially when you factor in the additional costs that always come hand in hand with the latest tech.

All three of the examples we looked at in this article all have fundamental flaws as security equipment, all can have doors closed on them to prevent them from moving around your home and was it a burglar that closed that door? or did you do it as you dashed out the house?

I think the team here at ACS alarms will continue to install either hardwired or Wi-Fi surveillance cameras alongside their digital recorders and alarm systems (for now), which can provide the home owner remote audio and visual access to their home via a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

If you would like to find out more about the most up to date proven home security systems please feel free to get in touch and get a free on site security survey.