Winter is coming long nights increase burglaries

Burglaries increase during the winter months

If you come home to a dark house then it’s a clear indication that no ones home and crime figures support the fact that burglaries increase during the winter months.  Following some sensible steps can help reduce the chance of your home being targeted, whilst homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with even simple security measures.

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The lights are on… is someone at home?

If you’re out at work all day the chances are you’ll be arriving home in the dark and a clear marker for burglars is a house with no lights on during the day. You might want to consider leaving a light on or setting a timer to switch on lights as it get’s dark, try not to follow a routine though, as this will soon become obvious to anyone passing by regularly, change which lights come on or use more than one.

Curtains and blinds

Dark evenings make it easier for anyone passing your home to see in, a nicely illuminated room with all your valuables on show! You might of taken our earlier advice to leave a light on or set a light to come on with a timer, just make sure that you’ve  adjusted your curtains and or blinds so that passers by don’t see a shining opportunity.

Lock doors and windows

This should go without saying, whether you are in your home or not, always lock doors and windows. What you need to remember is, criminals are opportunists and they are constantly on the look out for easy targets and open doors and windows are exactly that. Whether you are at home or not a burglar can be in and out without you noticing.

Don’t keep keys and valuables by your door

This is another really obvious point to make, but we still all do it from time to time, and criminals know this. You walk into your home and put your keys, wallet and phone down on the first handy surface. You hang your coat or bag on a hook by the door leaving valuables in your pockets. How easy would it be for someone trying doors to just walk in pick them up and go? would you notice? try doing it to your partner next time you arrive home to find they’ve left things by the door.

There’s no doubt this is a really handy place to keep keys, loose change etc. but you need to make it harder for someone who is looking to take advantage of this behaviour. Always lock your door, keep your keys in a drawer or a key box so that they can’t be ‘hooked’ through your letterbox.

Christmas holidays

Running up to and during the Christmas period most households will start collecting presents for friends and family, try and be discreet! Imagine it’s not just the little ones you are hiding the presents from, don’t leave them on show under your Christmas tree and think about the packaging you leave outside in your bins or for recycling. Many families will leave their home unoccupied over the christmas period whilst they visit family or go on holiday, would you be able to tell your home was alone?

Make sure your home security is working

When was the last time you tested your house alarm? did it stop working a while ago but it’s ok, because the box will act as a deterrent! Have you moved into a house with an alarm but you don’t kow exactly how it works? These aren’t just questions, these are real life sittuations we come accross every week whilst servicing, repairing and installing burlar alams in Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-tees, Yarm and Ingleby Barwick.

Who would you rather call ACS Alarms or the police?

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