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Alarm monitoring from £12 per month

Alarm monitoring takes your home security to the next level and at just £144 per year it won't break the bank.

For that extra peace of mind, whether you live on your own or you want additional security for your family our service monitors your home whether you are there or away.

Our customers for this service live in both rural and urban locations, where either no one will hear your alarm or everyone will ignore it!

Do you leave your home unattended for regular periods of time, either for work, holidays or is it a second home or rental property?

Alarm monitoring provides a 24 hour response whether you are at home or away, with trained operators who will respond to any sensors triggered in your home and take appropriate action to protect your home and family.

A first-rate service,

left everything as it was,

what more could you ask for!

S. Waller